Who We Are

Welcome to Hop Robotics, where passion for innovation and love for great beer converge to create a one-of-a-kind venue experience! At the core of our journey is a simple yet profound idea – to enhance the experience of the fan, generate more profit for the operator and keep people out of lines and enjoying the action!

Founded by childhood best friends, in a garage of course, our team consists of visionaries who believe in pushing boundaries and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. With 12 years industrial manufacturing experience, by use of robotics, merged with 15 years of sales experience, we set out to create a completely unique experience for fans & operators. From there, Hop Robotics was born.

Join us in redefining the stadium experience, one robotic pour at a time. Cheers to the future of beverage service – here's to Hop Robotics!

Reach Out To Us

Reach Out To Us

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