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Hop Robotics is a Greenville, SC based startup aimed at using automation to increase the efficiency of venue, stadium, event, and restaurant operators.  We use mobile robotic systems to increase sales, utilize labor effectively, and decrease wait times.  We are currently seeking investment partners and corporations for extended on-site trials.

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Helping Operators Profit.

Leave the Pour to Us.

Having the ability to set up a second serving location is KEY to increasing sales on busy weekends or events.  Keep your staff customer facing and leave the pouring to us. 

Have your Attention?

Trial our Technology at No Cost

If you are a Food & Beverage professional or a key part of event planning reach out explore opportunities on how we can help.  As a startup our product improves with your feedback. Becoming an early stage R&D partner gives you full access to a customized solution for FREE

“Hop Robotics is the perfect blend of technology and design that will outlast novelty concepts because of their focus on cost, low footprint, and simplicity”


Wireless ordering for the staff means you can pour while you collect payment or engage with your loyal patrons. Remote service and over the air updates will keep your running when it counts!


Integrate 3rd party apps and Point of Sale systems. Because the brains of the system is a computer, anything you can you do on your PC you can do with WALTER.


Know what dispensed, how much , and when with standard reports. We will work with you to create EXACTLY what your needing including POS integrations.


Contactless dispensing allows for a higher standard of cleanliness by removing concerns of contamination.


Fitting through a standard doorway and on wheels this is the most portable automated bar on the market. Internet connectivity is optional and it runs with a standard 110 VAC wall outlet.


Any kegged beverage is able to be dispensed. Although made for draft beer, you can also dispensing kegged wine, soda, cold brew and nitro coffee, hard seltzers, and signature cocktails.

Let's Talk Numbers

Each operation is different so a “one size fits” all approach is tough.  And let’s be honest, were trying to quantify our value just like you are.  That’s why we will work with you to make sure at the end of the day you are more profitable.  With lease options as low at $200/day and various revenue sharing models to choose from, why wouldn’t you want to see what the BUZZ is all about!

Hop Robotics, LLC

Grayson Dawson-Founder


(678) 772-5469