Have your Attention?

Our Innovative Demo Process

Let’s face it, this is a new technology.  We have just as many questions as you.  If your curious, this is how it works:

  1. We have a 30 min call where you are provided a secure link to a live feed of the system.  You’ll Order and Pour in real time and ask questions.
  2. We discuss YOUR operational needs and strategize how Hop Robotics could play a part in your success.
  3. If everything still makes sense, we plan an on-site demo with a performance-based success plan.


Activate the dispensing from afar while you take payment, upsell, and engage with your guests.


Integrate 3rd party apps and Point of Sale systems. Because the brains of the system is a computer, anything you can you do on your PC you can do with WALTER.


Know what dispensed, how much , and when with standard reports. We will work with you to create EXACTLY what your needing including POS integrations.


Contactless dispensing allows for a higher standard of cleanliness by removing concerns of contamination.


Fitting through a standard doorway and on wheels this is the most portable automated bar on the market. Internet connectivity is optional and it runs with a standard 110 VAC wall outlet.


Any kegged beverage is able to be dispensed. Although made for draft beer, you can also dispensing kegged wine, soda, cold brew and nitro coffee, hard seltzers, and signature cocktails.