Embrace the
Novelty. Enjoy the Efficiency.

Dispensing Automation Built to Transform Your Customer Experience, and Maximize Operator Revenue & Profit

Up to 400 Beverages/Hr

Better Speed of Service

98%+ Keg Yield

Higher Labor Effeciency

What We Offer

For stadiums, event venues, casino's, bars & restaurants, Hop Robotics is a game-changer. Enhance customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and elevate your establishment's reputation as the go-to destination for a perfect pint.

Invest in Hop Robotics, where technology meets tradition, and every pour is an experience worth savoring. Cheers to the future of beer pouring!

Field Tested with the Biggest Names in Hospitality

75+ Live Events and Counting

Integrations with:

We strive to become part of your existing technology ecosystem. We integrate with a range of existing POS systems so you can offer line busting, QR, or biometric ordering. You can even keep your existing payment processor.

Have your Attention?

Our Innovative Demo Process

Let’s face it, this is a new technology.  We have just as many questions as you.  If your curious, this is how it works:


Ultra Fast Pour

In just 15 seconds, Hop Robotics, transforms the ordinary into extraordinary by delivering a flawless, perfectly poured beer. No more long waits at the bar; our robot ensures your customers enjoy their brew almost instantly.

Zero Waste

Traditional pouring methods often result in spilled beer and over-pours, leading to unnecessary waste and increased costs. Hop Robotics, precision pouring eliminates these issues, ensuring every drop goes into the glass. Enjoy increased efficiency without sacrificing quality or incurring unnecessary expenses.


Activate dispensing from afar while you take payment, and engage with your guests. We integrate with 3rd party apps, and Point of Sales systems, while also providing custom analytics on Hop Robotics performance down to the ounce.


Contactless dispensing allows for a higher standard of cleanliness by removing concerns of contamination.


Fitting through a standard doorway and on wheels, this is the most portable automated bar on the market. Internet connectivity is optional and it runs with a standard 110 VAC wall outlet.


Any kegged beverage is able to be dispensed. Although made for draft beer, you can also dispense kegged wine, tea, cold brew and nitro coffee, hard seltzers, and signature cocktails.

Have your Attention?

Our Innovative Demo Process

Let’s face it, this is a new technology.  We have just as many questions as you.  If you’re curious, this is how it works:

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